Traffic Jam

Traffic Violations Monitor

A new generations of traffic cameras to make our roads safer


The Most Advanced Video Analytics Suite for Traffic is committed to improving road safety by implementing the latest developments in Computer Vision. Our traffic analytics suite is the first and only to detect different types of dangerous driving behaviour on the fly from a normal CCTV camera, making traffic enforcement quicker, cheaper, simpler and more effective.
Current traffic enforcement systems provide enforcement mostly for speeding and red-light violations only, and are based on expensive RADAR or LiDAR technology. They require specialized installation, calibration and maintenance.
Our state-of-the-art AI software runs on the edge in real-time, providing ease of installation without the need to provide fibre connectivity. Our solution quickly and easily installs on a road-side pole to monitor up to four lanes with a single camera. The software provides real-time enforcement of multiple dangerous behaviors from a CCTV camera on a road-side pole.